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Easy tips to Fix Amazon Firestick Keeps Losing the Internet Connection [2022]

Written by Waleed khan

The amazon fire TV stick is an all-new device that joins the home entertainment streaming technologies’ ranks. And sometimes you might get the error “Amazon Firestick Keeps Losing the Internet Connection” on your firestick, So here we will discuss how to fix it permanently.

This fire stick plugs into your TV,s HDMI ports that give you access to your whole favorite TV shows, subscription services, music, videos, photo, and games.

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The fir stick TV houses all of your favorites’ contents, and that is easily transportable, so you also take your media anywhere you want to take with you; it is a portable device that can travel with you wherever you want to take it.

It also helps you to watch the streamings and channels that are your favorites and you wanted to watch; this will help you get all the features and many more options you wanted to use and see,

Why you are Getting “Amazon Firestick Keeps Losing the Internet Connection”?

There are many potentials triggers behind the problem  “Amazon Firestick Keeps Losing the Internet Connection“, but most of them are prominent are as follows also :

1. Your fire stick maybe keep losing the internet connection if the wifi reception in the area is weak.

2.Once the software gets too old, and it brings many bugs/glitches. It damages the functionality of the devices.

However, these are often many addressed in that latest versions released by the amazon. It is also recommended to make sure that your software is also up to date on the new version.

Pre Tips :

1.remove the device of amazon firestick from the TelevisionTelevision.
2.Now just switch of your Television and then the wifi router, restart both of them after two minutes.
3.Now insert the excellent firestick device back in the TelevisionTelevision and now just wait until the TelevisionTelevision is also reconnected to the wifi you are using.
4.After the connection when it is established, then restart the firestick device also.
5. now, you must see if the issue persists.

And after these methods, if amazon firestick keeps losing the connection, then you might try these solutions to fix the amazon firestick continue losing the connection.

Solution 1: Decrease the distance between the amazon firestick and wifi router:

the wifi device might be too far away from the amazon firestick device, causing the interruption of your signals between the wifi and the amazon firestick device. For that, you have to keep them both near each other for a good connection, and it will help you connect with the amazon firestick device.

solution 2: the fault in the ethernet cable you using :

Now, if you are using the wired connection of the internet for the amazon firestick, it is also possible that the ethernet cable is faulty. To keep it in the test, try to use it with the other devices and then see if the internet connection is still established; if it does not, then replace the ethernet cable and check if the internet issue persists.

Solution 3: Reset your TelevisionTelevision:

You can give the TelevisionTelevision a reset the trigger and behind that issue is also related to the bugs with many software .in order to reset the TV follow these step below :

1.Remove this amazon firestick from the Television again.
2.Now open the main menu from your TelevisionTelevision.
3.Go to the settings from the main menu.
4.Select now reset from the menu, then wait patiently until your Television is also resetting.
5. now insert the stick back into your Television, then try to connect.

solution 4: Change the IP address settings :

changing an Ip address of the device can also help you get rid of the amazon firestick connection issues. You also can reset the Ip from the television bt just performing these step below

1.Now go to the menu of your TV, then select the network using the remote control.
2.Now from the network, you must go in-network status also with the help of your remote control.
3. Now, you must wait for some time till the three buttons show on the screen of your Television. NOw choose Ip settings.
4.From the IP settings windows, now click to the DNS settings and then click on the enter manually.
5.Enter the required IP address of the internet, then press ok, and you must wait for a few seconds till your connection is now establishing with the internet.
6.Now check the amazon firestick device is till losing the connection or not.

Follow these methods. These all are working to fix that amazon firestick device, and it will surely work for you; and you can watch all these channels and many more features to enjoy the amazon firestick devices services.

Conclusion :

Sometimes devices have any issue that does not mean you have to worry about them. You just need to explore the things and get the answers and fixes for them. This amazon firestick also has this error of disconnection with the internet. You just need to follow these steps that we told you up.

Some of the bugs can be fixed by replacing the device, and some of them can be fixed by updating or the installation of new software.

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1. Why amazon firestick keeps losing the connection?

Because of the low rates of signals or, it may be due to damage or the weak wire you are using for the internet connectivity, and it also causes the amazon firestick to its weakness.
Sometimes it does not work, so you just have to make sure that you have a good internet connection and good quality of the wire you are using to connect the internet while not working with the device.

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